About Us

Furniture with Personality

Being a South Australian family owned business for over 15 years we understand the importance of bringing families together.

At HaggleCo, we never stop the search to find the latest, on trend items to deliver to you at the lowest prices.

Frankly, we love furniture. From beautiful accent chairs to gorgeous genuine leather lounges and solid hardwood tables, we can’t get enough of the pieces that make our home sing. But what we love even more than stylish, high quality furniture, is getting stylish, high quality furniture at an affordable price.

Our mission has been to help Australians transform their houses into fabulous homes without breaking the bank. Whether you’re moving into your first flat or giving your home a bit of a refresh, we have just the piece you’re looking for, at a price that you will be very happy with.

We don’t want to brag (or do we?) but with over 5 locations in Adelaide, we’re one of Australia’s leading furniture, bedding and rug retailers. Shopping with us is easy and super convenient.

What makes us different (other than everything)?

  • No deposit, interest-free finance
  • Lowest prices, guaranteed
  • More than 2,000 products available
  • Friendly staff who know furniture inside and out
  • Easy-to-use online shopping service
  • Super convenient home delivery
  • Locations all across Adelaide (and new ones opening all the time)
  • Promotions and sales so good you’ll do a little furniture dance
  • Tips and advice to make your home sparkle with style

So, come on down to your nearest HaggleCo store and we will make you feel comfortable like home.